Get Fit with Basketball If You're Old

How Do You Get Fit with Basketball? (If You’re Older and a Beginner)

Do you want to get fit and in shape? And do you want to play basketball to do so? Here are some great games and drills you can start with.

Making the decision to get in shape is hard but what’s more difficult is deciding how to get fit.

“What activity should I do? Should I do weight training or run or pick a sport?”

There are so many things you can do and it can get overwhelming.

So, if you’re at this stage right now, here are some reasons why you should pick basketball as your activity.

I’m also going to share with you some games and drills that you can get started with.

Why You Should Get Into Shape with Basketball

Basketball is a relatively easy activity you can do to get fit (regardless of age and fitness level).

The reason why is that there are a bunch of games and drills you can do.

You don’t have to play in a league or join pick-up games at the park. You can just dribble the ball around and shoot it (you don’t even have to run if you don’t want to).

And this is super easy to do.

I see old folks doing it all the time at the YMCA because their main purpose is to get moving, not play competitive basketball.

Their goal is to move their limbs, get their blood flowing, and break a little sweat. And this is the best way to get fit as a beginner.

Basketball Activities for Getting Fit

So, here are 6 basketball activities that you can do to get fit:

Lane Dribbling

All you have to do with lane dribbling is dribble a basketball up and down the block or the length of the gym.

Just walk up and down as you dribble.

And when this gets easy, try dribbling the ball with your other hand (or off-hand). And once that gets easy, try jogging instead of walking.

You can do as many laps as you like. But just make sure to increase the laps each time you do it.

Free-Throw Shooting

Free-throw shooting not only helps you get fit but it also helps you improve your basketball skills.

To do it, stand on the free-throw line and shoot a shot and try to make it. Then, go retrieve the ball and do it again.

Try to make as many shots as possible and improve on it every time you play.

That’s it.

Shooting Around

Shooting around is similar to free-throw shooting except you can shoot the basketball from anywhere.

So, to do this drill, pick 3 spots you want to shoot from.

Stand on the first spot and make 3 shots. Then, move on to the next spot.

Repeat the steps and move to the next one.

You can do as many sets as you want. The important thing is that you increase the number of made shots each time you play.

Around the World

Around the World is one of the most popular schoolyard basketball games.

It’s also perfect for beginners and people who want to use basketball to get fit.

All you have to do is score as you travel around the free-throw box.

It’s a pretty easy game but there are some rules to it. You can learn how to play it here.


21 is also a popular schoolyard game that’s great for learning basketball skills and getting fit.

To play this game, stand on the free-throw line and shoot the ball.

If you make it, you get 1 point. If you miss it, you have to go rebound the ball and shoot it from wherever you catch it.

But since you’re a beginner, if the ball lands too far away from the basket, you can take 3 big steps in.

If you make this shot, you get another point and get to take free throws.

On the free-throw line, if you make the shot, you get another 2 points.

Play until you reach 21 or more points.

If my tutorial for 21 is horrible and you couldn’t understand a single thing I wrote, watch this video instead:

Steve Nash Shooting Drill

The Steve Nash Shooting Drill is really fun and you can get really fit with it if you do it regularly.

However, the actual one he does is a bit more advanced, so I’ll share with you an alternative for beginners.

All you have to do is shoot the ball from anywhere you want for 20 minutes (or less if you like).

But try to shoot it from various spots because this will make it more fun and will help you improve your skills.

Also, you’re supposed to shoot continuously for the allotted time, but you can take a break if you feel you need to.

Just be sure to get back up and finish strong for the remaining time.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to get into shape with basketball, give these games and drills a try.

You don’t have to do all of them, but you should at least try all of them out so you can figure out which one you enjoy doing the most.

So, go grab a basketball and start playing!