basketball conditioning workout

The Ultimate Basketball Conditioning Workout for Average Joes

Want to learn a quick, new basketball conditioning workout? Then you should try this full-body circuit (it’ll also fix muscle imbalances, thus preventing injury).

Only playing basketball is not enough.

Okay, well it actually is. But I really wanted to get your attention.

Anyway, solely playing basketball is enough to be healthy. But if you were to add in strength conditioning as well, you can be so much healthier.

Additionally, weight training can prevent basketball-related injuries.

Take LeBron James for example.

In-season, LeBron is constantly lifting weights. He does it pre-game as a warm-up and after practices as a cool down.

But he doesn’t do it so that he can show-off his massive, toned, beautiful muscles (boy, do I wish I had his muscles). He works out to prevent injuries.

Playing basketball can be brutal on your body. When you play often, there’s a high chance that you have muscle imbalances.

You’re constantly jumping off of one leg more than the other (and using one arm more often too).

So, if you’re a real human being, those limbs would be stronger than the others, causing muscle imbalances and stiffness. This can cause injury.

In addition to that, your body is also taking a bunch of damage when it’s regularly jumping and landing on hard ground.

But weight training can fix this (if you do the right exercises).

The Randy Couture Workout

There are many weight lifting programs you can do. But you probably want to prioritize basketball first.

Thus, the one I’m going to suggest to you is circuit training. More specifically, the Randy Couture Workout.

It’s a lightweight full-body circuit, so it’ll save you time while also getting you sweaty and panting for air.

If you don’t know, Couture is a retired MMA fighter. He was the UFC champion (light-heavyweight and heavyweight) and is considered a legend of the sport.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, he was also a U.S. Army Sergeant and an Olympic wrestler.

Oh, and did I mention that he fought professionally until he was in his late 40s? Because he did.

That’s some old man game ‘ish right there.

So the guy knows what he’s doing and you should listen to him. Seriously, he might beat you up if you don’t.

And the sheer thought of that is just scary!

Anyway, let’s get back to the workout.

Benefits of Circuit Training for Basketball

Now, there are many workouts you can do. But I’m suggesting this one because it was the first one that I learned; this is the workout that introduced me to circuit training.

I like doing circuits more than the other type of weightlifting workouts because to me, it’s more fun.

I also feel it’s more effective for sports than other ones.

The reason why is that you have to do a lot of full-body movements consecutively and this emulates playing sports more.

Additionally, it’ll develop your muscle stamina and cardio more than standard bodybuilding and such too.

And another reason why I like it is that you don’t need to use a specific type of equipment. It’s versatile.

You can swap a barbell for kettlebells, or dumbbells with a resistance band.

How to do The Randy Couture Conditioning Workout

So, enough with the persuasion -here’s the Randy Couture Circuit Workout:

(Watch the video to learn the workout)

Key Notes:

  • The exercises in order are: standing back row; upright row; shoulder press; good mornings; lunges; squat and push-press; stiff-leg deadlift
  • Do 8 reps per set and rest for 60 seconds (or more if you need it) after every set
  • Strive for 3-5 sets
  • Start off slow and learn the movements
  • Experiment with the weight you use; start off light. Don’t try to be cool and pick a heavyweight –you’ll regret it later
  • Can change equipment
  • Once more advanced, you can start timing yourself and try to finish it as quickly as possible
  • I will also suggest that you do additional reps (approx. 5) on your weak limbs (or least used ones). This will strengthen them, lessening the imbalance

Since one of the main reasons for doing this basketball conditioning workout is to fix muscle imbalance, I’m going to suggest that you switch the barbell with a weight that can be used for single-limb exercises.

You can swap it with two dumbbells, two kettlebells, or a resistance band with two handles. You can also use a sandbag.

Final Thoughts

The Randy Couture workout is great for busy basketball players. It’s quicker to do and kinda high intensity.

So, you can hit the gym, condition some muscles and your cardio, and still have time to play basketball. And you won’t get injured in the process (probably).

Give it a try!