score like Steph Curry

Want to Score Like Steph Curry? Do His Stability Workout

If you want to score like Steph Curry, you have to have his conditioning. So, here’s how he works on his core so that he can remain stable as he shoots.

Here’s a fun fact: 93 percent of Steph Curry’s shots are unbalanced. What this means is that the majority of his shots come off of cuts and screens (off-ball and as the ball handler).

Seriously. I just made that number up.


Although the number I stated above is a complete lie, I didn’t lie when I said Curry takes a lot of unbalanced shots.

If you watch any Golden State Warriors game or any of his game highlights, he’s constantly running around and/or through screens to get open.

He’s also constantly dribbling and step-backing to free himself up. And when he gets open, he immediately goes up for a shot (most of the time).

He also attacks the basket in traffic a lot too.

If you need evidence, watch Curry’s 62 point game from January of 2021 (or its highlights below):

Notice how he rarely got any clean looks and how the defence doesn’t relax on him? He had to work for every shot.

This is highly difficult to do because he has to stop on a dime after sprinting and square up before taking a shot.

But the crazy thing is, Curry is almost always successful with sinking these baskets.

Buuuuut how?” you may be thinking.

How Steph Curry Makes Unbalanced Shots

Well, the first thing is that he wears these tight, springy compression shirts that prevent his upper body from bending for long periods of time.

Okay, that’s another complete lie.

The truth is Curry actually just works on his core and stabilization muscles a lot. He’s also very talented if you haven’t noticed.

This is how he’s able to take “unbalanced” shots and make them. Every time he cuts to an open spot, for instance, his tight core stabilizes him (or straightens him out) so that he can shoot with correct form.

How Steph Curry Works on His Stability

The specific reasons why he does those exercises are stated in the video. How they benefit him is talked about as well.

But if you didn’t catch them in the video, here are some key notes:

  • The exercises help Curry stay upright as he dribbles and shoots
  • They help him stabilize his core as his upper body (arms and shoulders) and lower body move, which is the mechanics for shooting

However, I will add that the exercises shared in the video above are pretty advanced. If you’re someone who rarely works on your core (or are a beginner), the movements that Curry does may be too difficult.

You’ll have to start with basic exercises to strengthen yourself first. Then once the beginner stuff becomes easy (because you’re stronger and more evolved), you can move on to Curry’s stability workout.

So, I suggest you start with these exercises:

  • Bodyweight Planks – Learn how to do them here
  • Supermans – Learn how to do them here
  • Hip Raises (or glute bridges) – Learn how to do them here

For the Supermans and hip raises, do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. For the planks, do 3 sets of (at least) 25-second planks. Do this workout once or twice a week.

Also, remember to do the movements as slowly as possible to get the most out of the exercises. Raise and lower yourself gradually with the Supermans and hip raises to get the most bang for your buck (or rep).

Benefits of Having a Strong Core

When I was younger, I never really put much thought into the importance of having a strong core. I always thought it was just for vanity.

Boy, was I wrong! Having a strong core increases your stability and balance a great deal. And with stability and balance, not only are you able to perform better on the court (like Curry), but your chances of getting injured will also decrease.

You can read how here and here.

Additionally, having a strong base will help you with your ball-handling and with your defence.

On the offensive end, you won’t lose balance and topple over as you cross someone up. On the defensive end, you won’t be easily pushed over as opponents bump (or push… or charge) into you.

So, doing sit-ups and such are not just for developing a six-pack so you can look cool and attractive on the court.

These core exercises are functional and will help you play better basketball (and not get hurt while doing so…most likely).

Final Thoughts

Steph Curry is an amazing scorer. And one of the reasons why he’s elite is because of his ability to stabilize himself before he shoots.

So, if you want to score like Steph Curry, you have to develop your core strength and improve your stabilization by working out like him.