Rip Hamilton basketball workout

The Rip Hamilton Basketball Workout

If you want to get better at moving off-ball, there is no one better to learn from than Richard Hamilton. So give the Rip Hamilton basketball workout a try.

Do you guys remember Richard “Rip” Hamilton? He was awesome. He is a one-time NBA champion and three-time All-Star. This may not sound like much for an “awesome” player. But these accomplishments are pretty good.

There are many team leaders who never get the chance to be an All-Star, let alone help their team make multiple NBA Finals appearances and win a title.

And Rip Hamilton was a key contributor on his team for years because he was a very consistent player. For an entire decade, he averaged at least 17 points per game and (at least) 44 percent shooting.

This is pretty impressive, especially since he rarely took any 3-pointers (the most he attempted was three per game in 2009-10).

So how did he do it?

Hamilton’s game is similar to Reggie Miller’s or Klay Thompson’s, except he pretty much only took mid and close-range shots. He would constantly use off-ball screens to get open and would always be running, looking for screens or open spots.

He rarely ever handled the ball (unless he intercepted a pass and ran the fast break) and crossed someone up. Actually, I don’t think he’s ever done a crossover in a game.

If you can tell, his game is pretty basic. But it isn’t easy. It requires mastery of the fundamentals (and your cardio).

Why You Should Play like Rip Hamilton

So, why should you play like Rip Hamilton (or adopt some of his game)?

To start, you’re probably a regular Joe like me and your handles probably aren’t as awesome as Kyrie’s. So, you’re probably not going to be the main playmaker or ball-handler on the team. And if this is the case, you’re going to have to move around the court a lot without the ball to get a chance to receive a pass.

This is Hamilton’s bread and butter.

Finally, you should adopt Rip Hamilton’s game regardless of you being a good ball handler or not. The reason? You are not going to have the ball in your hand all the time, and you should be moving without the ball. You should always be running, trying to get open.

One of the worst things you can do is just standing in one spot, waiting for a pass. That’s lazy basketball. Do you want to be a lazy player? No, so don’t do that.

Run around, look for screens and open spots, and set screens. Move, move, move, and take advantage of weak spots. This is what you should be doing off-ball and doing the Rip Hamilton workout can help you do that really well.

The Rip Hamilton Basketball Workout

(Click here to watch the workout on YouTube)

To learn the Rip Hamilton workout, watch the video above.

Notes for the Workout:

  • Start with suicides to warm-up and work cardio
  • Do the mid-range portion of Kobe Bryant’s shooting workout as a warm-up too
  • Use imagination to create different scenarios
  • Set goal to make x amount of shots
  • Can set chairs in different places to work on different shots once the original setting is comfortable
  • Can use Rip’s patterns or make your own, depending on your sweet spots

Key Notes from Hamilton for Moving without the Ball:

  • Have good chemistry with teammates and know where screens are
  • Understand the change of speeds
  • Never stand in a spot for more than two seconds

If you are doing this shooting workout by yourself and don’t have a passer, I have an easy solution for you. What you can do is gently toss the ball to where you want to catch it and run the pattern as normal. Just run, come off the screens, grab the ball, position yourself, and shoot it.

If you are practising your close-range shots after coming off a screen, just bounce the ball where would catch it, and run the play.

I find this workout really useful. Like I said earlier, you’re not always going to be the main ball handler. Moving around is how you’re going to be able to get the ball.

In addition to that, if you continuously work to get open, you will more likely be awarded by the playmaker. And if you make your shots consistently, they’ll continue to look for you.

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So, there you have it. Is the Rip Hamilton workout something you would try? Also, is his style something you would adopt? Let me know in the comments below.