How to be a Good Scorer in Basketball

How to be a Good Scorer in Basketball like Kevin Durant

Do you want to be able to score more points efficiently? If so, you have to learn from one of the best in NBA history. Here’s how to be a good scorer in basketball like Kevin Durant.

During the NBA Finals in 2019, Kevin Durant ruptured his Achilles. I would share the video, but it’s gruesome and I just don’t want to.

Anyhow, Durant injured it as he went up for a pull-up jumper. It was a severe injury and not only did he have to miss the remainder of the Finals, but he also sat out all of the following season.

A lot of people were curious how his form would be when he returned.

Prior to his injury, he was considered a top 3 player in the league. Some even believed he was the best one.

But, throughout the history of the game, a leg injury often changes a player.

So, critics and fans alike, wondered if Durant’s game would change. They also wondered if he would continue to be a dominant player.

Durant’s Return to the Hardwood

On Dec. 22, 2021, he shared his answer with the world.

It was the first game of the season with his new team, the Brooklyn Nets. They faced off against his former team, the Golden State Warriors.

The 32-year-old went into the game guns ablaze and scored 22 points on 43.8 percent shooting.

He was also rebounding, blocking, stealing, and assisting (let’s just say he put in a complete stat line and his fantasy managers were happy with it).

But what’s more important is how he scored.

He played like his old self before the injury. He was still crossing players up, pulling up for his patented mid-range jumpers, and attacking the basket.

And what’s even more important than that is Durant was able to perform with excellence in the following games as well.

It wasn’t one of those performances where it only happened because he was excited and full of adrenaline. He was able to repeat it.

How Kevin Durant Was Able to Play Like His Old Self

So, how was KD able to not lose a step after a serious injury? Well, it’s mainly because of his playstyle.

See, Durant isn’t a flashy or explosive player. His game doesn’t require a lot of athleticism.

He’s tall and lengthy, so he’s able to shoot over most players and his shooting fundamentals are great.

He also has good handles and footwork, where he can easily get open against most defenders.

But the thing that makes his game elite is his balance and shooting ability. It’s the combination of these two things (and his ability to read and exploit defenders) that make KD an unstoppable scorer.

Durant’s Training with Steve Nash

Prior to joining the Golden State Warriors, Durant was already a phenomenal scorer.

Many people thought that was as good as he was going to get (when it came to scoring). But his game actually became more efficient.

Now, having Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on his team definitely played a part in that.

But I truly believe most of Durant’s improvement came from his tutorials with former NBA MVP Steve Nash.

I don’t remember when exactly it happened, but videos of Durant and Nash training together started to circulate the web.

They were doing these weird shooting exercises where, in one of them, Durant balanced on one foot before going up for a pull-up shot.

Even he found the drills odd, telling reporters that Nash was basketball’s Yoda.

Via NBC Sports:

“He’s probably one of the most skilled players ever,” Durant said of Nash in “Still KD: Through the Noise” — the latest documentary-style video posted to his YouTube account. “All the little run-through pull-up stuff, the pick-and-roll stuff. He texts me after most games and we talk about stuff we could work on — balance.

“He’s a guru out there. We call him Yoda. I got my Yoda working.”

At the time, I didn’t realize this, but the exercises that Nash taught Durant are similar to the ones that Dirk Nowitzki did.

And I’m not that surprised. Nash and Nowitzki were teammates and are best friends, so I’m sure they trade their basketball knowledge.

How You Can Be a Good Scorer like Kevin Durant

So, how can score like Durant?

Well, the first thing you should do is increase your balance. You can do this by strengthening your core and stability muscles with the Steph Curry core workout.

This workout will also help you prevent injuries.

Second, you should do the Dirk Nowitzki basketball workout.

This is the closest thing to the drills that Nash has Durant do. It’ll help you work on your balance, coordination, and shooting ability.

Final Thoughts

Kevin Durant is arguably the best scorer in the NBA. But he doesn’t achieve this by being the most athletic player.

He gets buckets because he has mastered how to score.

So, if you want to become elite like him, you have to master the fundamentals of shooting too.