Carmelo Anthony shooting drill

How to Score Like Carmelo Anthony (Even if You’re Not Good)

Carmelo Anthony is a 10-time NBA All-Star and one of the best scorers in NBA history. Here’s the drill he does to develop his skills and how you can do it, too.

Carmelo Anthony is an elite scorer, but there was a time when people laughed at this statement.

In 2018, after having a rough start to the season with the Houston Rockets, Anthony was waived.

The team brass believed that he wasn’t a good fit, which was fine. His playstyle didn’t mesh well with the Rockets’ stars, James Harden and Chris Paul.

But the problem was that every other team also thought he wouldn’t fit in with them. There wasn’t a single team that deemed him serviceable.

These organizations believed that Melo’s style couldn’t evolve, that it wasn’t flexible. They viewed him as a one-trick pony, who could only score if he was the go-to guy.

So, he sat out for nearly an entire season.

But unlike many others, he continued to grind. He continued to improve and, more importantly, believe that he was going to make a comeback.

And in the summer of 2019, the Portland Trailblazers gave him a chance and he entered the season with a vengeance.

He was a starter for the shorthanded Blazers and the 35-year-old averaged 15 points and 6 rebounds. More importantly, Melo helped the team make the playoffs.

Not that bad for a guy who missed damn near a whole season.

He also moved into the top 10 on the NBA’s All-Time Scoring list, which is a pretty big deal.

“If you’re in the top 10 of anything of all time, it’s a special moment,” Anthony said during the post-game interview.

Anthony returned to Portland for another season before heading over to Los Angeles.

Here, he joined his bestie, LeBron James, on the Lakers for the 2021-22 NBA season, where he is playing arguably the best basketball since he left New York.

Carmelo Anthony’s Adaptability

One of the reasons why is because Melo is adaptable (or his game I should say).

His fundamentals on the offensive end are so strong and elite that he can thrive under any playbook.


“I think people don’t really understand me,” Anthony said. “I think there’s a misconception out there about me and not being able to adapt to situations. But I’m easily adaptable, man, to any situation.”

Being adaptable is very important for success. This is why I think you should add the Carmelo Anthony Shooting Workout to your regimen.

It’ll help you master the fundamentals of scoring, which will increase your adaptability.

You’ll be able to score in many types of situations. You’ll also be able to play well with many different types of players.

How To Do Carmelo Anthony’s Shooting Workout

The Carmelo Anthony Shooting Workout is a series of different fundamental shooting skills.

There’s form shooting, one-dribble pull-up jumpers, and post-up fadeaways (to name a few).

Watch the video below to learn the workout from Men’s Health:

Key Notes:

  • Start the workout off with form shooting. Really pay attention to your form here and don’t rush
  • For all of the drills (or shots), you have to make 3 before moving on to the next move
  • Also, if you miss 2 shots in a row, you have to restart that move again (your “shots made” counter goes back to zero)
  • Every shot has to be done on both sides of the court
  • Don’t end the workout on a miss. So, either make a free-throw or two layups before leaving the court

Carmelo Anthony’s Conditioning Activities

In addition to working on his shooting, Anthony also talked about his injury history in the video.

He said that he rarely gets hurt and contributes that feat to doing boxing and Pilates for conditioning and mobility, respectively.

To add these two activities to your workout (or something similar), you can try doing this MMA workout and this stretching/yoga routine.

Final Thoughts

Anthony is a well-rounded scorer.

He wouldn’t have been the 2012-13 NBA Scoring champ and a 6-time All-NBA player if he wasn’t.

So, if you want to become a great shooter (or at least drastically improve your skills) and be malleable, then start doing the Carmelo Anthony shooting workout.


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